Because "senior" does NOT mean "broken" 

Name: Lil Petey    Breed: wire haired terrier mix  Age: 9 years young     Weight: 10-15lbs

Medications needed in addition to heartworm/flea prevention:  no medications    Heartworm status:  Neg 

Crate trained: Yes   Potty Trained:  About 75%  He will mark so a belly band is advised until he is 100% trained by adopter (feel free to ask ?s)  Neutered: Yes  Grooming:  Minimal     Vaccinated:  Yes

Temperament:  He is very very sweet and wants to be in your lap.    He is good with people and polite dogs, not great with large dogs unless they are sweet.  NOT good with cats.  LOVES to snuggle and LOVES soft toys.  Very patient boy will wait forever for you to tell him he can sit with you after you are done eating.

    Adoption fee is $50 to approved adopter within 3hrs drive of Gulfport, MS

Name: Petey   Breed:  rat terrier mix    Age: 13 years   Weight: 20lb

Medications needed for upkeep in addition to heartworm/flea prevention:  Phenobarbital for seizure control (about $25/month from your vet)  Heartworm status:  negative    Crate Trained:  Could possibly be, isn't currently


Potty trained: 100%    Neutered:  Yes   Grooming:  Minimal     Vaccinated:  Yes

Temperament:  Petey does well with people and dogs but not cats.  Petey does not like being yelled at and will show his teeth when this is done and if pushed he will bite your hand, so sweet talking works best for him.  Due to this no kids under 12 please.  Petey loves to play fetch.  He loves to drench his person with kisses and takes treats gently.  He would not do well in an apartment setting as he barks for a couple minutes after his person leaves but then settles down.  He wants to be with his person!  

Adoption fee is $50 to approved adopters within 1 hr of Gulfport, MS and comes with 2wks of anti-seizure meds so you have time to set up with your veterinarian to get a prescription.



Name: Honey Bunny    Breed: Chihuahua/Terrier mix    Age: 10yrs   Weight:  10lbs-ish

Medications needed for upkeep in addition to heartworm/flea prevention:  a specially formulated allergy medication that will cost about $100/month for about 2 yrs.  It is needed to combat her terrible allergy issues (she will literally chew and scratch her skin off when not on meds) and build her immune system back up.   She is currently growing her fur back from extreme skin issues due to the neglect so she will be even prettier soon.  Spayed:  not at this time 

Heartworm status: negative

Crate Trained:  She is not a fan of crates   Potty Trained:  90%  and will use pee pads.  

Grooming: Not much hair to groom, nails trimmed weekly to prevent injury from constant scratching

Temperament:  She is still in recovery for neglect and medical issues from that neglect but she hopes to be very adoptable soon!  She is super sweet yet very awkward from not knowing much kindness. Good with cats, dogs and people.  Will defend her food from other animals.

Adoption fee will be $50 to an approved adopter within 1 hr of Gulfport, MS


Name:  Blu    Age:  11      Gender:  Male     Breed:  Pomeranian  Weight:  5lbs-ish

This little werewolf suffers from Pomeranian Alopecia meaning he is missing patches of fur sporadically on his body including his butt which makes him resemble a werewolf/baboon hybrid.  Very sweet.  Gets along with dogs and people and probably cats.  Not whiny typically.  

Housetrained:  Yes   Neutered:  Yes  Vaccinated:  Yes  Heartworm:  NEG   

has also received a dental.  

Adoption fee:  $50 to approved adopter willing to travel within one hr of Gulfport, MS


Name:  Peppa Possom   Gender:  Female    Age:  11    Breed:  Toy Chihuahua

Weight:  2lbs

Health Concerns:  Enlarged Heart, Anxiety  Meds:  None

Housetrained:  Pee Pad Trained

Temperament:  VERY VERY FEARFUL OF ALL.  Will run and hide until she gets to trust you which could take a long time.  For this reason and her being so tiny walking on a leash or using pee pads is suggested for potty time.  Those that are leave their dogs unattended in the yard will not be accepted as applicants because of this.  She is so tiny she would be easy prey for a hawk and can easily escape out of any fence just like a mouse.  Will not go to a house with intact male dogs.  She has had a dental, xrays and blood panels - all fine for her age and size.

Adoption fee:  $50 to approved adopter willing to travel within one hr of Gulfport, MS

Name:  Kobuki (kah-boo-key)   Sex:  Male    Age:   13     Breed:  Chihuahua mix

Heartworm negative     Meds:  None     Grooming:  Minimal    Weight:  7lbs

House trained:  Yes but may mark at first   Neutered:  Yes

Temperament:  Gets along with people and dogs, not sure on cats but we think he would be okay with them as well.  

Pros:  Gets along with everyone, a happy guy and seriously cute

Cons:  Not a fan of being told what to do so a home with no kids under 10 would be best.  Has separation anxiety for the first couple weeks but then learns you aren't going to leave him (his person of 13 yrs passed away and then he was surrendered to a shelter).  This separation anxiety leads to nonstop barking so apartment dwellers should not apply.  Hates being crate trained.

Currently takes bland food after a case of pancreatitis

Adoption fee:  $50 to approved adopter willing to travel within one hr of Gulfport, MS

Ginger cats!  Apparently someone told this family of 9 that our property needs cats! 


Age: 6months-2yrs   Litterbox trained: no but cats take to litterboxes very quickly Spayed/Neutered:  Yes

    Vaccinations:  Rabies - adopter would be responsible for any other vaccinations or veterinary needs

Temperament: They are very sweet/funny and playful when they get to know you and I think would make good inside cats if the adopter could give the cat a room to acclimate in for about a week or so.  

Adoption fee for each:  $15 within coastal MS


Name: Patches     Breed: chihuahua/terrier mix,     Age:  6yrs     Weight: 10lbs.  

Medications needed for upkeep in addition to heartworm/flea prevention:  Buspirone for anxiety ($12/month from your veterinarian)  Heartworm status: negative   Neutered:  Yes   Vaccinated:  Yes

Crate trained:  yes but he would prefer to not be crated    Potty trained: 85% (will mark around other animals, a belly band can help combat this, feel free to ask ?s).  Working on doggy door training.

Temperament: Patches can be a sweet and submissive boy who wants nothing more than to snuggle with you after he learns to trust you which could take some time.  After he is comfortable which again WILL take time:  good with women, large dogs he mainly ignores, smaller weaker dogs he is NOT good with (he will aggressively fight them if they show any weakness or fear).  PLEASE UNDERSTAND He is a VERY timid boy and will need someone with LOTS of patience and compassion.  He would not be good in an apartment complex due to his insecurity, he would find walking around there terrifying until he got to trust you fully.  He is terrified of men and children.   Since he has been here for the past year he has never bitten anyone aside from other dogs (the small weak ones).

His perfect home would be with a female with no other pets or larger non-submissive dogs who is capable of helping him through patience and care.  

Adoption fee is $50 to an approved adopter within 1 hr from Gulfport, MS

Precious is 12ish years young and unfortunately spent most of that time stuck in a very small cage in a puppy mill being bred by force - she was bred so many times that her estrogen levels are permanently raised leading to blood cell issues and anemia.  She is hand fearful which is indicative of abuse.  She has hind leg problems and a slipped disk in her back from being kept in tiny cages.
She is very quickly responding to a kind hand though and showing her amazingly funny and sweet side! Due to being a bit "bitey" she is not available for adoption but you can donate towards her via PayPal to [email protected] or through this website.

Lucy, 8 yrs young, spaniel mix, 30lbs.  Has some PTSD issues from prior trauma but is a good girl.  She could be available for adoption to someone very understanding of her quirks and issues that is able to give her the love and patience that she requires.  NO KIDS UNDER 10, NO CATS.  She barks a lot when she sees cats or people outside.  She will need grooming quarterly.  She is VERY sweet and funny.  She is submissive and very awkward around other dogs.

You can donate to her care by going to the home page at this website or via PayPal to [email protected]

Name:  Peachy     Breed:  Chihuahua     Age:  11ish

Medications needed for upkeep in addition to heartworm/flea prevention:  none    Heartworm Status:  Neg

Vaccinated:   Yes   Dental:  should possibly have one but doesn't hinder her eating, she only has a few teeth.

Crate Trained:  Not a fan of being crated, she would rather be in bed with you  Spayed:  Unsure


Potty Trained:  She will mark at first so putting her in rooms without carpet is suggested.  She is pee pad trained and working on doggy door training.

Temperament:  Jealous around some other dogs until she gets to know them and will not back down from a fight.  But around people she is amazing.  Very sweet, loves to cuddle and best dog to wake up to in the morning.  Not sure about cats.  Protective of food around other animals.

Adoption fee:  $50 to approved adopter within 1 hr of Gulfport, MS

Name:  Sadie      Breed:  Boston mix      Age:  13ish   Weight:  20lbs

Nearly zero eyesight and hearing but very sweet.  Has trouble holding her potty for extended periods.  Doggy door trained.  Spayed:  NO - will not go to a home with intact males.

Smart and resourceful.  Gets along with all.  

Heartworm negative     Meds:  Galliprant for arthritis

Adoption fee:  $50 to approved adopter willing to travel within one hr of Gulfport, MS

Zoombie came to us...she walked right up to the front door and asked for help.  She had 6 week old kittens with her, was pregnant again, and had recently been attacked by something that ripped open her mouth and throat yet she would still carry mouthfuls of food to her kittens even though she could barely eat and was terribly skinny herself.  We got her all fixed up and realized she really really hates being inside so being that she stays on site she is now our mouser.  She honestly sucks at it but we don't tell her that. I have seen a field mouse walk right past her.   ;)

She is not available for adoption but lives at UAS.

Thank you so very much for considering to adopt and especially for entertaining the idea of adopting a senior or handi-capable dog or cat - you are already amazing in our book!


Meeting and potential adopting will be considered after we have received your filled out application and gone over everything to ensure that this would be a good thing for you and the pet you're interested in (some aren't good with kids or cats, have certain medical requirements, etc), have spoken to your current or past veterinarian to ensure that you are a good and responsible pet owner.  This process all typically takes a day or two at the most.   Please email us after submitting an application so we can keep an eye out for it.  [email protected]


If all is well then we will schedule a meet and greet with the pet of your choosing.  If that meeting goes well for both of you then you get to bring home your new best friend!  We ask that you allow 2 weeks with your new best friend to determine if this is the best match for you. Due to nerves and previous experiences they may not make the best first impressions but are trying their best.

Adoption Fees:  Typically adoption fees will vary depending on medical expenses that were incurred at their arrival but are usually no more than $100


Please note that if your current/past pets were not up to date on heartworm prevention or if you do not have a fenced in yard (for dogs) you will be declined an adoption.  While you may be an excellent pet owner and have no need for a fenced in yard we have run into too many irresponsible pet owners that allow their pets to free roam, etc and the outcomes have been unfortunate.  Due to this we no longer allow any dog adoptions to homes without fenced in yards unless you are an apartment/condo dweller.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Underdog Animal Society has the right to decline any adoption for any reason and without explanation.