Because "senior" does NOT mean "broken" 

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Our Mission Statement  

Our goal is to help lower the euthanasia rate by promoting senior dogs from shelters on our social media platforms to help them get adopted.  We have several dogs over the age of ten currently that will remain with us with proper vetting and nutrition until their time comes to cross the Rainbow Bridge.  When we have the funding we help low income pet parents with emergency veterinary costs.

We also help promote fostering and spay/neuter programs and do quarterly needed items drives for local nonprofit organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are you located?  

We are not a commercial shelter and not open to the public.  

How much of our donations do you get paid?

Absolutely zero.  100% of all donations are used toward the care for the dogs/cats in our care.  I work full time as a professional pet sitter with Pet Parent Paradise to pay my bills.

How can I help?

Signing up for monthly donations will not only provide our critters with proper nutrition/vetting and more but also helps our Emergency Veterinary Fund for those who legitimately cannot afford surprise emergency veterinary costs and are not qualified for Care Credit.  Monthly donations start at only $2/month and you can cancel at anytime.

Explain the Emergency Veterinary Fund:

This fund is our relief fund so that pets in emergency situations do not have to be euthanized or suffer due to lack of funds.  We work directly with vet clinics to ensure legit needs.  We do not pay 100% of the bill typically but we do pay what we can.  This helps low income pet parents in their time of need.

The monthly donations option is confusing, please explain:

When setting this website up by myself I learned that each option for monthly giving had to be called something different or the technology involved would just assume it was a double and toss it out.  I had to name each monetary amount something different to keep this from happening.  All donations go to the same account so whichever you are most comfortable with financially, just follow those prompts.

Do I have to have PayPal to sign up?

No, this is just the company we used because they have high security standards.  We have no access to your information or account whatsoever.  They will send you an email each month to notify you of your donation.

Are you a recognized nonprofit?

Yes, all donations are tax deductible and we appreciate you!

How else can I donate?

Options include doing one time donations or monthly on this website or mailing a check to Underdog Animal Society PO Box 3294 Gulfport, MS 39505

How else can I help?

Sharing our posts on facebook!  "Like" us at www.facebook.com/UnderdogAnimalSociety

We are a recognized 501c3 nonprofit!  Your donations are tax deductible!  

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Payment Options (Tax Deductible)

We need YOU.

Feel free to look around at all the info on this website and if you have any questions at all you can always email us at [email protected]

You can donate by mail by writing us a check to: 

Underdog Animal Society PO Box 3294 Gulfport, MS 39505, you can PayPal a donation directly to [email protected]

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Please visit our facebook page to see all the current news!  www.facebook.com/UnderdogAnimalSociety


Underdog Animal Society

PO Box 3294 

Gulfport, MS 39505

Email - [email protected]

We do not have a phone number listed due to the unfortunate nonstop owner surrender/stray dog calls that we were getting - we ONLY take senior dogs at risk for euthanasia from shelters.  

Thank you for all of your support and kindness!