Because "senior" does NOT mean "broken" 

Underdog Animal Society Sanctuary/Hospice Home

Payment Options (Tax Deductible)
By early 2018 we hope to have in operation a sanctuary home environment for those seniors with behavioral issues or health issues that prevent them from being adopted.  Here we will provide proper nourishment, medications, vet visits and companionship in a home environment for the most needy senior pets. 
How can you help? 
Want to help to sponsor the sanctuary?  Donating only $2/month to our sanctuary to help out with expenses would help immensely with enough people following your lead!  The link is posted above and all donations are tax deductible.  And please, tell your friends!  You can copy and paste the link to this page to your facebook!
AMAZON WISH LIST LINK BELOW - please copy and paste into your browser...
Want to volunteer?  Please send us an email to [email protected] and we will send you a volunteer application.  We will need lawn care, cleaning, grooming, photography, grant writers - all kinds!  Since this is not a commercial property we will ask volunteers to provide a certain date/time of when they come in after we get the property we are hoping to attain to make sure someone will be there to allow access.  Anyone who volunteers also gets to snuggle with our seniors =)

As always we would like to thank our community for their support in this endeavor to help lower the euthanasia rate in our area while providing a stable and loving environment for senior pets in need - thank you!!!!
*Info for shelter workers on how the sanctuary will acquire our seniors (we only pull from shelters and do NOT take direct owner surrenders - this is to save those that are at real risk for euthanasia)...
The following criteria follows:
Must be 12+ years of age. 
Must be spay/neutered.
Must not carry any communicable diseases.
Must not be aggressive towards other animals.
Must not need insulin shots (I cannot guarantee someone being available to deliver them every 12 hours).
Must be under 25lbs (the smaller they are, the more we can accommodate).
If it turns out that a senior is aggressive or an escape artist we will need to return to the shelter or origin to protect our other seniors.
By contacting Underdog Animal Society you agree to the above mentioned criteria.
We can accommodate the seniors that have the above mentioned criteria even if they are not potty trained, are fearful aggressive towards people, have heart problems, have urinary/bowel problems, skeletal problems, allergy issues and more. 
If you have seniors that do not fit this criteria but need rescue please feel free to still contact us and we will see if we have a foster available.  Please contact Connie at [email protected] for any further information.  Thank you for all that you do!!!!