Because "senior" does NOT mean "broken" 

Fosters Save Lives!

If you are interested in fostering, please let us know!  When you foster you save the life of the animal crashing on your couch and also the animal you just made room for in the shelter!  Please send completed foster/volunteer application to underdoganimalsociety@yahoo.com

Fosters provide:  A comfortable and stable home environment and grub.  We also ask that fosters routinely provide UAS with cute photos and info about their foster to help us promote for their adoption.  We ask fosters to speak to potential adopters after they have passed the application process to answer any behavioral questions they may have.  Some times foster parents offer to do the meet and greet and adoption as well but that is absolutely voluntary.

UAS provides: Pre-approved medications, vet visit costs, and our undying appreciation

Time periods:  If not able to commit long term you can sign up for our "time-share" program which allows you to rotate the senior in need for 2 weeks each until a suitable forever home is found.

Long term fostering - Up to six months approximately but typically 1 or 2 months - if needing to go out of town , etc you can contact us and see if we have any temporary fosters available to watch him/her while you're away.

NOTE - We will not foster out to homes who have intact male dogs.  A lot of our seniors come from hoarding situations or puppy mills and they have been retired from that life since coming to UAS =)

Please make sure that BEFORE you offer to foster for UAS you have gotten the green light from your roommates, family, landlord - anyone this will have direct effect on - there is nothing worse than having to back track because a foster parent had to change their mind last minute because we do not rescue from shelters until we have a foster lined up. 

If you are considering becoming a foster please email underdoganimalsociety@yahoo.com or message us your email address at our facebook page www.facebook.com/UnderdogAnimalSociety to get a foster application.

Volunteers Always Appreciated!

-Helping to organize, set up, operate and take down fundraising events (NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!) Typically 4 events per year.

-Grooming (Experience necessary)

-Accounting (CPAs only please)

-Solicitations for fundraising through local businesses (no experience necessary)

-Transporting to the vet and back or to their potential adopter (valid driver's license and auto insurance necessary)

-Grant Writer (Experience necessary)

If you are considering becoming a volunteer please email underdoganimalsociety@yahoo.com to get a volunteer application - THANK YOU!!!