Because "senior" does NOT mean "broken" 

Frequently Asked questions

Where are you located?  We are 100% run by fosters and volunteers and as of now do not have a commercial building.  Those interested in adopting should email us at [email protected] and we will get them an adoption application, check their listed references and if all goes well for the needs of the senior pet and the applicant then we schedule a meet and greet.  If that goes well, you get to take home your new best friend!

Who benefits from Underdog Animal Society?  The animals we pull away from possible euthanasia and the animals who got a place in a shelter because we made room!

What happens to the animals you pull from shelters?  We find them loving homes or keep them with us (fosters)  in a safe and loving environment.

How do you know that the people adopting these animals are a good match?  We do a 2 week temperament test.  We will do a home check and also a vet check.  Our contract also stipulates that if it doesn't work out between them and their adoptee that they will return him/her to us.

Do you take in strays?  No, we pull from shelters to help lower the euthanasia rate. 

Do you take in owner surrenders?  We do not take in owner surrenders.  We take in seniors from shelters who are listed or about to be listed for euthanasia.  

Do you do outside rescue work? (Example:   such as getting kittens from trees or puppies out of drainage, etc)  If you come across this type of situation the best way to handle it is to not panic.  Call your local fire department or animal control - they have far better equipment than UAS does for those types of unfortunate situations.

How can I help?  We are ALWAYS looking for foster parents, fundraisers and more!  Please feel free to use our contact form or email us at [email protected]

What kind of animals do you take in from shelters?  We take in senior dogs and cats over the age of 7 years old and under 50lbs.

What kind of person should be a foster parent?  Someone who understands that these senior and/or handi-capable pets have had it rough and we are basically trying to provided them an amazing "retirement home" for them to live out their lives through adoption.  Foster parents keep these animals for typically no less than 2 weeks and will usually help with the adoption process by providing information to UAS about any temperament or behavior issues/etc.  Since the majority of these animals will be senior or handi-capable all foster parents, people living with the foster parents and other animals sharing the residence need to be patient and kind.  Some of these animals will be deaf, blind and/or senile.  Some will have kidney issues that will create a "leaky faucet" if you get my meaning (doggy diapers and wraps are AWESOME!).  You need to be prepared for that going in and realize that unfortunately the majority of us will go through the same fate and show these animals the same care and understanding that you'd like shown to you.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to use our contact for or email us at the email address listed above and thank you so much for all of your support!!!